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Bruno Dubuc, Patrick Robert, Denis Paquet, and Al Daigen

Friday, 23 March 2012
Our Blog Now On Line!


Here it is, The Brain from Top to Bottom blog. And it’s hard to miss, because we’ve built it right into the web site’s home page. Why? Because for us, the blog and the site are now inseparable, interactive parts of a whole, each referring you to the other for more information.

As you can see from the first post above, each week we will be providing a summary of a recent scientific study in the vast field of cognitive neuroscience. In that sense, this blog is just a series of posts like any other. But each summary will also include clickable text links to pages in The Brain from Top to Bottom that we have selected specifically to help you understand the study in question. Thus this blog provides yet another way of accessing the web site’s encyclopedic content.

And that’s not all, because it works in the other direction too: whenever we add a blog post with links to pages on our web site, we also provide direct links from those pages to the blog post. As shown above, these links appear in the left-hand column of each page, right below the links to the various supplementary information modules (Tool, History, etc.), under the heading “On this subject in the blog”. The link to each post is its title, displayed as clickable text.

Basically, these links serve as sidebars that we will be adding from week to week to keep the site’s content up to date, in addition to the modules that we are already adding regularly.

By constantly drawing these close connections between the latest developments in neuroscience and the content of the reference site that The Brain from Top to Bottom has become, we will continue to build a unique, interactive site that makes the human nervous system in all its marvelous complexity accessible to all our readers.

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  1. The best site of its kind, bar none. My particular fascination is with the evolution of our modern brain and how it rocketed from the 400 cc brain of Australopithecus Afarensis to our 1400 cc modern computational miracle in just 2.5 million years. If one cc of our brain contains more than 400 billion neural connections, the math puts our total capacity at 400 trillion connections and an unfathomable subset of possible neural pathways. Math is not my forte, but try dividing 400 trillion by 2.5 million and the result is a mind bender, to say the least. Love this site!!!